Cereal Box Aquarium

This is a great open-ended craft that can be done with stuff you have lying around the house. Thank you so much to the best ideas for kids (www.thebestideasforkids.com) for this idea.



Empty cereal box



Kinetic sand (if available, but paper will do fine for this too)

Pipe cleaners

Googly eyes


Plastic wrap

Glue/tape/hot glue/whatever adhesive you’ve got

Anything else you want!



1. Cut off most of the front panel of the box, leaving about an inch on all sides. Paint the edges if desired. Glue blue paper to the back.















2. Cut fish out of other paper colors, add eyes, then decorate however you like! The fish should be about 2 inches across and 3 inches long. 

3. To make plants for your fish tank, cut 5-6 pipe cleaners different lengths, then wrap thread around the bottoms to hold them together in clumps.   


4. Hot glue them into the bottom corners of the box.


5. Add kinetic sand, rocks, seashells--whatever you want!


6. When you’re done adding decorations, the fish can be suspended from the top of the box. Poke holes in the top of the fish with a pen, then tie some string through the hole. Use tape or hot glue to attach the other end of the string to the roof of the “tank.” Make sure to make the strings different lengths, and tape them into different positions, from front to back. This gives them extra dimension in your aquarium.



7. (OPTIONAL) If you want to look at the aquarium rather than play with it, tape a sheet of plastic wrap over the front to keep everything safely inside. 

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