Coffee Filter Dolls

Thank you so much to One Little Project ( for this awesome idea!



2 Coffee Filters

Washable markers

2 pipe cleaners

Small elastics or thread



1. Color in two coffee filters with colors that are complementary or are in the same color spectrum (so they don’t turn gross when they blend together).


2. Use an eye dropper or syringe to drop small amounts of water on to the paper until it’s completely covered.

3. Let them dry completely. Leaving them overnight should be enough.

4. Before you create the dress, you will need to make the doll to go into it. Fold one pipe cleaner loosely in half, then put it evenly over the other pipe cleaner at the halfway point.


5. Then wrap each side of the unfolded pipe cleaner around the folded pipe cleaner to create a torso. The remaining pipe cleaner after winding will make the arms, and the curve at the top forms the head.

6. Once the doll is formed, you will create the dress. Fold each coffee filter in half, then half again, and again until each looks like below. Then cut a very small tip off the top to make a hole for the neck.

7. Unfold one of the coffee filters to make the upper dress, and with it folded in half, cut small slits about a half inch from the hole to form armholes.


8. Put the doll’s arms above its head, then carefully push them through the slits to make the “sleeves.”


9. To make the dress, cinch the paper up to make a skirt, and wrap a small elastic or some thread around it to make a “waist.”


10. To fill out the dress (and make the skirt solid enough that the doll will stand up on its own), push the second coffee filter up underneath the dress, putting the legs through the hole in the middle. If the hole is a little big, you might need more elastic or thread to get this to stand up. 


11. Have fun playing with your new creation!

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