Mother's Day Crafts

A special Mother’s Day edition of Kids Craft Day with two crafts: tissue paper candle holder and heart wreath. Thank you to Hello, Wonderful ( for the inspiration for the heart wreath.













Tissue Paper Candle Holder


Several colors of tissue paper

Baby food jar/flower pot/any unglazed ceramic container

Mod Podge or white glue




1. Cut or tear tissue paper into approximately 1 inch square pieces. Strip jar of any labels or loose adhesive.


2. Paint outside of jar with Mod Podge or slightly watered down white glue. 

3. Stick pieces of tissue paper to wet glue to cover all of the outside of the jar. 

4. If needed, cut off any paper sticking over the top. Then apply remaining glue over tissue paper. This will create a seal and blend the colors together nicely. 

5. Once the glue is dry (this will take at least an hour), tie a ribbon around the top to finish. 



Heart Wreath


2-3 sheets of colored paper/cardstock

1 sheet of oversized paper





1. Fold colored paper in half and cut into one inch wide strips. Continue this with a second piece of paper to make a total of 10-12 strips.

2. Take the ends of each folded strip and fold inward into a heart shape, and staple together. 

3. After completing 10-12 hearts in this fashion, arrange in a circle with points facing inward, and staple together at the widest part of the heart (see picture below).

4. If using regular paper, you will want to create a back for the wreath to make sure it holds its shape when it's hung up. Place the circle of hearts on a large white piece of paper and trace a loose circle around the wreath. Decorate the paper however you’d like, keeping in mind that the hearts will cover the outer ring. (If using cardstock, the heart circle should be sturdy enough to hang without paper on the back.)


5. Place the heart wreath back over the paper, and tape the outside of several individual hearts, folding the tape over to the back of the white paper. Do this at 4-8 places around the outside to hold the circle shape. Shave edges of the white paper down with scissors to get it closer to the edge of the hearts, if needed. 

6. If hanging up your wreath, poke two holes about an inch apart through the white paper, and feed yarn or ribbon through to make a hanger. The wreath is light so this should hold up well without reinforcement. 

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