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What is a Seed Library?

A Seed Library is a section in your local library that provides free seeds for the community! They enable community members to grow their own food, dabble in a new gardening hobby, or even spread indigenous wildflowers in the local environment without the initial cost of purchasing seeds.

How Can I Get Seeds?

Stop in at the library and head up to the main circulation desk, our Seed Library is housed in a refurbished antique card catalog on the end of the desk! You can take one packet of seeds per variety (ex: there are three varieties of tomatoes, you may take one packet of each type of tomato) and up to 15 total packets per household. After you have selected your seeds, write your first name and write how many total packets you are taking on the checkout sheet on top of the Seed Library.

Seed Donations

Have some extra seeds after the harvest? Some half-used packets you don't want to waste? Consider donating to our seed library!


Just bring in your seeds and write down what type and variety they are and whether or not they are organic! We also have an Amazon Wish List if you'd like to donate that way!

Virtual Seed Saving Resources

*click on images to be redirected to their resources*

Saving Seeds: Where to Start

Saving Vegetable Seeds

Seed Saving 101

How to Save Vegetable Seeds

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