Send a Hug!

This one is super simple, and is a great Mother’s Day craft -- or a way to send love to someone you aren’t able to see right now. Thank you to The Lean Green Bean ( for the idea!













Extra large piece of paper or paper grocery bag

Paint or other coloring stuff


One kid!




1. Roll out enough paper to cover the full armspan of your child. If using a shopping bag (which was just big enough for my son, who is 3 and a half), cut down one corner of the bag, then cut around the base to remove the bottom. 


2. Get your child to lay down with their arms spread out on the paper and trace around them (for some reason, my son thought this process was hilarious).


3. Once you’ve got your outline, let them color/paint to their heart’s content! For littles who are still figuring out coloring inside lines, feel free to cut it down a little beforehand to encourage them to color the right areas. [zoom in a bit to see outline of child]


4. This part is great because it’s a lot of paper and coloring it takes A WHILE. We did ours over multiple sittings, which meant he was occupied for longer. Our incentive was that we got to glitter glue the face on at the end, which was his favorite part. So the face didn’t photograph well, but he loved it.

5. When coloring is done, cut close around the outline to finish. Then give it to someone special who could use a hug! 

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