Spam Stroganoff



Spam gets a bad rap. It’s meat in a can, Monty Python wrote a song about it -- it’s a little hard to take seriously.


But this recipe was a comfort food when I was a kid, and it’s a great pantry recipe for when fresh meat is harder to find in the store. AND it’s kid-friendly. My toddler is extremely picky, but he GOBBLES up this one the second I put it in front of him. 



10oz of wide egg noodles

1 can Spam

1 medium onion, sliced (I use frozen onion to simplify, but this is harder to find right now)

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1 13oz can of sliced mushrooms

1 cup of sour cream

Vegetable oil



1. While completing the following steps to create the sauce, cook eggs noodles according to the package instructions. 

2. Slice the Spam into bite-sized pieces. 

3. Heat a tablespoon of oil on medium heat. Saute sliced onion long enough to brown them slightly. 


4. Set the onions aside in a bowl. Place the Spam so that all pieces are able to brown. Lower heat to low-medium so it doesn’t brown too quickly.

5. After 3-4 minutes, flip pieces to brown the other side. 

6. After it finishes browning, return onion to the pan, and add mushrooms and cream of mushroom soup.  


7. Stir thoroughly and continuing cooking on low-medium until ingredients are heated through.


8. If noodles are not finished yet at this point, keep on low until they are ready. Drain noodles and set aside. Right before adding sauce to noodles, add sour cream, turn off heat, and stir thoroughly. 


9. Add black pepper to taste. Add to noodles immediately. 


10. Stir in well with the cooked noodles. Enjoy! 

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